The Cannata tradition of pizza
making in Australia dates back

to the 1920’s

Our Story

The Cannata’s are the family behind Woodstock Pizzicheria. They have been welcoming Melburnians into their restaurants for over 35 years and making pizza in Melbourne’s hippest suburbs long before the cool kids came.

And they really are family, three generations of Roman Style Pizza masters have handed down the traditional recipes. You don’t stick around that long if you’re not doing something right. Quality, freshness and a focus on family recipes are what people keep coming back for. We’re Italian right, Sicilian to be more specific, so food is love.

Meet Tony

Tony Cannata has been serving his family’s Sicilian recipes to Melbourne for decades. The man behind Woodstock trumpets a long line of awards and recognition. He’s won stuff, lots of stuff, and pizza is his thing.

From Australian Pizza Champion to competing in the World Pizza Championships in Napoli, Parma and Las Vegas, he’s been ranked consistently in the top 10 in the world. He’s bloody good at what he does, and does it with that classic, authentic Italian charm.